Winter’s fast approaching – or already here – in many parts of the US.  Even the San Francisco Bay Area may experience some record lows over the next few weeks.  Is your business or home at risk?

Consider extra protection for your exterior sprinkler valves, water pipes, faucets and hoses.

Sprinkler valves need special jackets – don’t turn off the water!

The best protection for other pipes is:

  • Close the interior water shut-off to exterior lines
  • Open the exterior spigots
  • Disconnect hoses so they’re open for expansion if any remaining water freezes in the lines

Second best is to disconnect hoses and put insulating “boots” on the faucets where they come out of the walls.

Consider foam pipe protection on all interior hot and cold piping in unheated areas and crawl spaces.

Check carefully when temperatures rise during the day to see if there are any leaks so you can spot a burst or cracked pipe early and prevent flooding.

Make temporary repairs with “leak tape” available at hardware stores – it’s a good idea to have a roll onhand, or turn off the water supply until a plumber can fix the problem.