Many businesses and not-for-profit organizations want to plan for next year’s revenues and expenses.  For many, insurance premiums can have a major impact and may require adjusted pricing on products and services in 2013.

RiskSmart Solutions has polled a number of California brokers for their best estimates and I’m pleased to provide these for your year-end planning.

Remember that different types of coverage have had different profit or loss experience and insurers try to adjust their pricing accordingly.

Also, some of your policies might renew early in the year while others are much later.  Rates can increase several times, so thinking about a range can be helpful – budget higher later in the year.

Lastly, be conservative (meaning use high numbers) in your budgets.  A lower actual result can always be a pleasant surprise.

Type of Policy Possible Range Consensus
Property 0% to +10% +5%
Liability 0% to +10% +5%
Workers Compensation 0% to +20% +10%
D&O, E&O, EPL, etc. +5% to +25% +10%


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