Humans are wonderful procrastinators. Our knee-jerk defense is, “Well, it won’t happen to me…!” And yet hardly a week goes by without news of businesses and homes destroyed by wildfires, floods, tornados, hurricanes and earthquakes.

Prepare for survival

We can’t prevent natural disasters, but it’s not hard to prepare for survival. Large-scale losses like these mean you will be on your own for days or weeks. How long is too long for your business? Government assistance is known to be slow and quite limited; and insurance settlements, if any, will certainly be delayed.

So contingency or response planning – to mitigate your down-time – is all you’ve got. One basic or generic plan can work well for different contingencies. Are you going to have something ready? Or will you wing it?

Questions needing your attention

  • Do you have readily accessible (from anywhere) contact information for employees, customers, suppliers and recovery experts (legal, tax, insurance)?
  • Are your business-critical processes written down step-by-step so anyone can follow? Have at least two employees been cross-trained in each of these critical tasks?
  • Can employees work securely from off-site? Have you tested it recently?
  • Where’s your data – on a disc or USB drive or in the cloud? Is it really accessible?  Have you tested it recently?
  • If you need to shelter in place, do you have adequate supplies for all employees?  What else needs to be prepared? Have employees taken personal precautions?


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