Who hasn’t heard of the new game craze Pokémon Go? It’s a new and unprecedented activity, and unlike any game we’ve seen before. But do you know the risks it could cause to you as a business or property owner?

What can go wrong?

There have been a flurry of accidents, injuries, and property damages from avid gamers. Risks include:

  • Personal – injury, death, stranger-danger, robbery, hacking, etc.
  • Business – information security and privacy from hacking and malware, worker injury while playing on company time, and liability to others gaming on your property
  • This recent phenomenon is just one example of the kinds of risks that can jump out of the woodwork, seemingly without warning. Similar prevention plans can be created once, and then adapted if necessary.

How to avoid surprises ~

Create, update, and reinforce your business policies and practices.

  • Start with employee education – both for their personal safety, and conveying an understanding about potential business risks.
  • Give them examples about how to keep themselves and others safe and off of private or company property.

Note, your lease can make you responsible for anything that goes wrong on or near your business premises!

  • Remind employees that driving and texting is strictly prohibited on company time – this includes playing a game and should be discouraged during commuting, lunch breaks, etc.
  • Review and update your BYOD policies (Bring Your Own Device) with your IT service provider and labor attorney to avoid hackers getting access to business transactions or private information on employee phones used for business.

Security experts warn that newly released apps are highly likely to have bugs and be replicated to gain access to company information.

Proactive risk management is a key investment in your protection program. Be sure to reduce your liability if something does go wrong. Taking the time to work with your employees and advisors will put you in a much better position to respond to new emerging risks.


There are lots of explanatory and helpful information available – search online for Pokémon or game risks. Updated information is being posted frequently.

Foxbusiness.com has a comprehensive discussion about BYOD risks (here), and it references ITBusinessEdge’s recommendations about employee policy considerations (here).

And you can email or call Charles (charles@risksmartsolutions.com | 510-685-3883) with any questions or to discuss your unique situation. He can help – and there’s never a charge for brainstorming!