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Business Disruption Checklist

“Disruption” can have several meanings, but it all feels very uncomfortable! There can be positive impacts if you are the creator of disruptive innovation, like Uber or Airbnb. Then, there are disasters – both accidental (like fires, crashes, riots, etc.) and natural (earthquakes, floods, etc.). We'll focus on these! Pain – Disasters can cause severe [...]

Are Your Contracts a Time Bomb?

Contracts are an essential - and very dangerous - part of business life, and one of my critical “black holes” that can shut you down. They can be as simple as a handshake, or as elaborate as running into hundreds of pages (neither are recommended). They are the spark behind buying, selling, and all business [...]

7 Ways to Save Money on Insurance That Most Companies Overlook

I've worked with hundreds of business owners and executives who are experts in their domain or profession, yet know little about their insurance. They all struggle to improve safety, prevent lawsuits, and avoid surprises. Most also don't mind saving some money on this essential protection! Here are some tips I've learned along the way that [...]

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