Insurance Policy Archiving Project Protects
Construction Firm’s Liability


For a long time Martin Gaehwiler Jr., President of Gaehwiler Construction, Inc. of San Francisco, wanted to create more organization in the company’s extensive insurance files. Marty understood very well that, “in our business we can get a claim or lawsuit many years after the policy was in force.”


He knew files were everywhere: in various boxes, file drawers and the warehouse with little or no organization. Correspondence, policies, schedules, and certificates were all mixed up. “I didn’t want the nightmare of trying to find the insurance policies we needed in the middle of a crisis, or to pay a lawyer to do it on our behalf.”

The RiskSmart Solution

Charles T. Wilson, principal of RiskSmart Solutions®, catalogued and archived all the company’s expired policies, focusing in particular on the liability coverages. Because of his extensive insurance experience he was able to:

  • Efficiently and effectively organize everything;
  • Create a summary spreadsheet that catalogued all the pertinent information in one place; and
  • Point out where there were gaps in the policy history.

Client Results

Marty states, “This was a tremendous service: it would have taken me weeks to sort through all those papers! Every business needs to create this insurance policy archive – if you don’t you may not be able to prove your coverage when disaster strikes.”