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Case Studies Collection

Deliver Fast, Deliver Well - Mi Pueblo Foods Grows Fast with RiskSmart Solutions®

A formal broker RFP and selection process needed to be accomplished in 10 weeks. A tall order and one requiring special expertise. To run the project, Mi Pueblo engaged Charles T. Wilson of RiskSmart Solutions® (RSS). To meet the timeline, RSS would have to quickly digest the nuances of Mi Pueblo's risks and culture, as well as manage a multiple broker assessment, interview and selection process.... read more» (download PDF version)

Objective Broker Selection Project - Risk management team helps company develop new partnership

Our major high-tech client had been with their existing insurance broker for more than five years. The relationship was positive but management and the Board wanted to verify if this was still the best option as the company continued to grow... read more» (download PDF version)

Boyett Construction: A leading specialty contractor makes a smart broker choice with RiskSmart Solutions®

As President of Boyett Construction, Inc., Todd Fearon really understands the value of using an expert. Boyett - a leading specialty contractor - provides custom construction services to some of California's premier commercial development projects. So when it came time to review his business insurance, Fearon naturally looked for a specialist. read more» (download PDF version)

Live Oak Design Group: A real estate developer sheds risk and bolsters coverage with RiskSmart Solutions®

To succeed as a real estate developer, you'd better be able to deal with risk. Michael LeValley, principal of Live Oak Design Group, knows this all too well. Of the many risk factors confronting developers, one near the top of LeValley's list was construction risk. To get a handle on that he turned to Charles Wilson of RiskSmart Solutions® (RSS). read more» (download PDF version)

Poly Seal Industries: A new CEO saves money with better coverage and RiskSmart Solutions®

For Dan Baker, President and CEO, working in his father's business was a natural. But when it came time to run the operation he was in for a surprise. "I thought I knew everything about Poly Seal", says Baker. "But insurance was something Dad always handled."
read more» (download PDF version)

Royal Trucking: Significant Time and Premium Savings From an Insurance Program Review

Before engaging Charles Wilson of RiskSmart Solutions®, we handled our auto insurance by just renewing our policies. It never occurred to us to think about other options. We provided lists and values to the broker and thought our only point of control was the size of our deductible. read more» (download PDF version)

Property Manager Outsources To Get Great Insurance Renewal

MAG Management, a major San Francisco bay area property management and construction firm was experiencing great difficulty understanding why their insurance premiums were going through the roof and why their broker didn't seem to be able to do much about it. read more» (download PDF version)

Insurance Policy Archiving Project Protects Construction Firm's Liability

For a long time Martin Gaehwiler Jr., President of Gaehwiler Construction, Inc. of San Francisco, wanted to create more organization in the company's extensive insurance files. Marty understood very well that, "in our business we can get a claim or lawsuit many years after the policy was in force."
read more» (download PDF version)