Emergency Preparedness

Are Your Contracts a Time Bomb?

Contracts are an essential - and very dangerous - part of business life, and one of my critical “black holes” that can shut you down. They can be as simple as a handshake, or as elaborate as running into hundreds of pages (neither are recommended). They are the spark behind buying, selling, and all [...]

Weather Alerts

The fall is statistically the most active hurricane period, as we’ve recently been reminded. Meanwhile, wildfires peak at these same driest times of the year. Seasonal and weather risks can mean different things depending on your location. However, no matter where you're located, the fall equinox is upon us, and that means it’s time to [...]

Checklists are a Risk Manager’s Best Friend

Many clients ask me, "What's a risk management checklist?" We then list the ways these lists can be used throughout daily business operations, and how they provide loss prevention and mitigation to a wide variety of situations. Without these lists, businesses can open themselves to great risk. Risk prevention can occur during: Office or [...]