Vendors = Hidden Risks

Vendors, suppliers, service providers, and consultants have become indispensable to many businesses. "Vendor" is a generic term for many sales and service providers, such as couriers, cleaners, accountants, bookkeepers, strategy or insurance consultants, lawyers, insurance brokers, outsourced HR, IT gurus, engineers, architects, contractors, handymen, and etc. Not only does outsourcing move costs from “fixed” [...]

Insurance — Expense, or Investment?

Even after all your risk management time and effort, most firms need insurance to protect the bottom line from unexpected large losses or lawsuits. Is insurance just a necessary expense? If you buy transactionally - meaning you buy a new policy when the need arises, and cancel when you think the circumstances have changed, or [...]

Planning Business or Vacation Travel

School will soon be out again – are you ready to hit the road? Do you want to combine some vacation with business? Great! With smartphones, tablets and apps, it’s easier than ever not to miss a beat. CAUTION! In your enthusiasm, don’t forget all the vacation horror stories. There are the rental car [...]