The Power of Dull, Boring Maintenance

Infrastructure is something we all depend on, yet take for granted. Roads, bridges, reservoir dams - without them, we wouldn't be able to get to work, run errands, or have drinking water. We never think twice - it's all just there. We think, "I'll drop this off at the Post Office, and then pick [...]

Annual Risk and Protection Checklist

Here is your annual reminder! As you organize your priorities for the New Year, don’t forget to include these on your list. Seven Key Risk and Protection Reminders for your checklist: We all know these are important to dos, yet if they’re not immediately urgent, they can easily fall to the bottom of our pile. [...]

Workers Comp – Double Whammy Alert

Recently a broker told me how he got a big, new account: at renewal, a large contractor "woke up" to his huge loss experience in workers’ compensation. His experience mod and his premium skyrocketed. He thought his previous broker hadn’t provided adequate service, and he switched. The new broker was delighted to have the [...]