Your Weather Tips

Fall is statistically the most active hurricane period, as we're often reminded. Meanwhile, wildfires peak at these same, due to the driest times of the year. Seasonal and weather risks can mean different things depending on your location. However, no matter where you're located, the fall equinox has just passed, and that means it's time [...]

Expense or Investment?

It's not easy in a rough economy to perceive the difference between a business expense and an investment. They both look like the same cash going out the door! But unfortunately, when expense cuts are across the board, the law of unintended consequences can rear its ugly head. Short-Sighted I remember my employer, a major insurance [...]

How to Select the Right Insurance Broker

Last month we discussed the benefits of having the "right" broker. How you go about finding this candidate can make a significant difference to your future broker relationships, and to your business' long-term reputation in the insurance marketplace. First, try a fix - It's important to be up front and honest with your broker - [...]