Prevention and Contingency Planning & Preparedness

The Right Broker is a Good Partner

A previous tip, Pain and Suffering, talked about the torture of having the "wrong" broker. Here we'll discuss how one plus one can equal three, when you have the "right" broker. First, let's define right and wrong in our context - I am not talking here about competent or inept, honest or crooked. A competent, [...]

Productive Spring Cleaning

What's the fastest way to improve your business productivity? Many organizations have their hands full setting basic priorities, getting things done on time and on budget, keeping everyone safe, and staying focused on the job. There's so much "noise" in today's business world it's hard to know who's on first - with online orders, [...]

The Power of Dull, Boring Maintenance

Infrastructure is something we all depend on, yet take for granted. Roads, bridges, reservoir dams - without them, we wouldn't be able to get to work, run errands, or have drinking water. We never think twice - it's all just there. We think, "I'll drop this off at the Post Office, and then pick [...]