Workers Comp – Double Whammy Alert

Recently a broker told me how he got a big, new account: at renewal, a large contractor "woke up" to his huge loss experience in workers’ compensation. His experience mod and his premium skyrocketed. He thought his previous broker hadn’t provided adequate service, and he switched. The new broker was delighted to have the [...]

Got Docs?

As changing the clocks reminds us of smoke alarm batteries, tax time reminds us of all the stuff we have! Saving, protecting, sorting, archiving, and eventually destroying business or personal documents can be a full-time job! All the paper and electronic documents we deal with today have really become information overload … clogging computers, spilling [...]

Advisors to the Rescue

In August, Vendors - Hidden Risks discussed how carefully crafting business relationships can avoid misunderstandings and nasty surprises. Once the basic vendor agreements are in place, there's lots of opportunity to explore valuable business input with your trusted service providers.  Learning from others is easy if we listen. Vendors are valuable resources Yes, your consultants and [...]