Risk Management and Assessment

How to Select the Right Insurance Broker

Last month we discussed the benefits of having the "right" broker. How you go about finding this candidate can make a significant difference to your future broker relationships, and to your business' long-term reputation in the insurance marketplace. First, try a fix - It's important to be up front and honest with your broker - [...]

The Right Broker is a Good Partner

A previous tip, Pain and Suffering, talked about the torture of having the "wrong" broker. Here we'll discuss how one plus one can equal three, when you have the "right" broker. First, let's define right and wrong in our context - I am not talking here about competent or inept, honest or crooked. A competent, [...]

Business Disruption Checklist

“Disruption” can have several meanings, but it all feels very uncomfortable! There can be positive impacts if you are the creator of disruptive innovation, like Uber or Airbnb. Then, there are disasters – both accidental (like fires, crashes, riots, etc.) and natural (earthquakes, floods, etc.). We'll focus on these! Pain – Disasters can cause severe [...]