Planning on a Disaster?

Humans are wonderful procrastinators. Our defense is usually: "Well, it won't happen to me...!" And yet hardly a week goes by without news of businesses, homes, and lives that are destroyed by wildfires, floods, tornados, hurricanes, and earthquakes. Prepare for survival We can't prevent natural disasters, but it's not hard to prepare for survival. [...]

Advisors to the Rescue

In August, Vendors - Hidden Risks discussed how carefully crafting business relationships can avoid misunderstandings and nasty surprises. Once the basic vendor agreements are in place, there's lots of opportunity to explore valuable business input with your trusted service providers.  Learning from others is easy if we listen. Vendors are valuable resources Yes, your consultants and [...]

Vendors = Hidden Risks

Vendors, suppliers, service providers, and consultants have become indispensable to many businesses. "Vendor" is a generic term for many sales and service providers, such as couriers, cleaners, accountants, bookkeepers, strategy or insurance consultants, lawyers, insurance brokers, outsourced HR, IT gurus, engineers, architects, contractors, handymen, and etc. Not only does outsourcing move costs from “fixed” [...]