What’s it like to work with
RiskSmart Solutions?

On this page we’ll tell you the kind of results to expect.  You will also get a sense of our guiding beliefs and values, our approach to client projects, and what makes me different.

Results you can expect

When you work with us you can expect to see positive, pro-active change.  The impacts can be:

  • Better understanding of key business risks,
  • New and improved loss prevention efforts,
  • Improved risk profile – which is how insurers classify your account, and
  • Often lower insurance premiums.

Projects are completed on time and within budget.  I charge flat project fees – not hourly, so your questions, emails and phone calls can happen any time.

I transfer knowledge, tips and traps about risks and insurance protection.  While I have many long-term clients, they are not prisoners of my secrecy.

Guiding Beliefs and Values

I believe in objectivity, transparency, confidentiality, and reliability.

Clients say I am the only insurance specialist they know who does not sell insurance and that’s why they engage me.

I believe in full disclosure and don’t withhold “bad” news.

I never share details of projects or clients without permission.

And I believe Trustworthy is my middle name.


I give clients objective recommendations and observations –with no sugar-coating and no conflicts of interest.  I have nothing else to sell.

I am flexible and will work with your priorities and biggest concerns.  Recommendations don’t always have to be implemented immediately, and will always be as practical and cost-effective as possible.

I provide a second set of eyes on hazards, emerging risks, effectiveness of prevention plans, and adequacy of your protection program and insurance.  Some clients have said it can be a cold shower – but a welcome one – on their plans!

What makes me unique?

My broad experience is key.  I spent 28 years in and around the insurance industry – from trainee to CEO.  I wore many hats starting, building, fixing and running small business units for large, international organizations.

I know how insurers work and think, and what they want and need.  We can create a story about your business that’s well understood.

I work seamlessly with your insurance broker or agent to get the best results for you – my only client.

I have no cookie-cutter solutions.  Each client and project is unique and gets a tailored approach depending on circumstances and special needs.

All clients get a unique guarantee – You will be satisfied or – either I fix your concerns, or you get your money back.

What’s Next?

Now that you know how we work, click on Our Services to learn more about what we have to offer.

“For a variety of reasons our timeline was tight but your ability to hit the ground running and the contribution of your considerable expertise, focused effort and organization allowed us to complete an RFP process that was fair, thoughtful, educational and successful for The Redwoods and the participating brokers.”

Cynthia Neumann, CFO
The Redwoods