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Managing Risk (PDF only)   by Sharon Frederick, Oct 2005

Embezzlement: The Crime We Hate To Admit   Oct 10, 2005

Do you Need E&O Insurance?   May 30, 2005

What's New?   Jan 20, 2005

Get The Best Broker, Coverage, Price & Service   Oct 15, 2004

Write It Down!   May 25, 2004

Internal Risk - The Silent Killer   Jan 10, 2004

Manage Your Risk Profile   Oct 08, 2003

What Are Your Assets Worth?   Sep 15, 2003

Reducing Risk in Mergers and Acquisitions   Sep 02, 2003

Reasonable Risk or Dangerous Gamble?   Jan 27, 2003

Who's Watching Out for Murphy?   May 28, 2002

How Intangible are Your Organization's Assets?   Jan 18, 2002

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An article worth reading-

"Background Checks and Pre-Start Date Testing Are You Ready?"  by WEA Consulting November 2005.

The costs to verify an applicant's background pale in comparison to the potential liabilities related to negligent hiring, fraud, embezzlement and potential violence in the workplace.


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The International Risk Management Institute is an excellent source for in-depth risk management articles, studies and conference information: IRMI

The Institute of Management Consultants USA, is the premier professional association of management consultants in the United States. IMC USA standards and ethics have been approved by the International Council of Management Consulting Institutes. Here's the link to the Northern California Chapter: IMC Norcal

Many firms address different aspects of Risk in today's world. Here are a few that may be of interest.

EDP Consulting Inc. reduces the investment risk in IT by connecting the people with the strategy: EDPCI

Barbara Chan Consulting reduces financial risk and business liability through effective leadership, executive coaching and communication with employees at all levels: BCC

Forney Technology and Accountancy Corporation mitigates client risk in two ways: proper, timely, and reliable accounting to support tax returns and management decisions; and stable, secure networks to prevent data corruption, downtime, and extra costs from insufficient setup and maintenance. www.TechnologyCPA.com
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