Risk Self Assessment

These detailed questions can help you determine areas of business risk that require your attention. Answer the questions and assess where you stand. “No” answers may indicate potential problems, or gaps in your insurance protection.

A thorough risk and Insurance Review can provide the objective answers you need. Discuss your questions and concerns with a Risk Consultant or your Insurance Broker.

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Yes   No 
Do you have a current spreadsheet of all physical assets valued at replacement cost?
Are your key business processes fully documented in a Procedure or Operations Manual?
Do you have a current Employee Handbook and procedures for hiring, performance, discipline, termination, HR files?
Do you have automatic renewal suspense for all licenses and permits; expirations of URLs, DBAs, trademarks?
Do you have an updated log of all signed contracts, leases, service agreements, NDAs, and employment contracts (including consultants and independent contractors)?
Do you have complete back-ups of computer files? Off-site? Documented procedures and clear responsibilities? Regular testing of backed-up files?
Do you have a high level of confidence in your outsourced computer support people: credentials, certifications, E&O insurance, ability to respond in a major crisis?
Are your insurance needs thoroughly analyzed and up to date: coverages, deductibles, and limits? Are personal and commercial coverages coordinated to avoid gaps?
Is your insurance broker knowledgeable about your industry and your company? Do you get fast, accurate service?
Are your current insurance policies well organized and easily accessible? Do you have a procedure for archiving expired policies? Do you know how long to keep them?
Do you and your employees know what to do and what NOT to do if there’s a loss or incident?