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Our Risk Review is Objective, Thorough, and Confidential

A full Risk Review has several steps. These involve information gathering from management, employees at various levels and outside professional service providers like your accountant, lawyer and insurance broker. The decision-maker is kept in the loop at all times and validates each step in the process.

Risk Review Project Flow

The review starts with a comprehensive analysis of your business operations, including:

 • Physical, financial and intellectual assets
 • Contracts, liabilities, warranties, products & services
 • Critical operations and processes of product & service delivery
 • Supplier and customer links and flows
 • Insurance and other risk financing programs

Note:  a more specific project might focus on only one or two of these areas separately.

The key risks of loss and liability exposure are identified, assessed and prioritized.

Workable, practical plans are crafted to help avoid, prevent and minimize losses. This step can include contingency planning and disaster recovery steps as needed.

Recommendations for long-term solutions are prepared along with timetables.

Realistic risk financing choices are explored, and achievable options are recommended.

Further risk management services are available to assist in plan implementation, on-going monitoring, claim and/or broker service issues. Contact Us for a no-obligation meeting to discuss your needs.