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Risk Assessement & Insurance Consulting Services

Many business owners face increasing risks today, and feel they have nowhere to turn for objective advice. RiskSmart Solutions® offers impartial insights into complex risk management and insurance issues - either on an on-going basis or as a one-time review.


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Part-time, just-in-time outsourced Risk Manager

Insurance Review and de-mystification

Insurance renewal-process management

Contractual Review

License Review

Safety Review

Crisis Management and Business Continuation

Due Diligence Risk and Insurance Reviews for acquisitions, mergers, new partnerships and joint ventures

Risk Management seminars and training workshops
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Your benefits

An objective, unbiased, and completely confidential review of your risks, and your insurance protection

A valuable risk and insurance education that will help you make better insurance buying decisions

A superior risk profile and less vulnerability to accidental losses means more added value from your insurance program

If you don't see services you need, please Contact  Us to discuss additional options.

In today's tightening insurance market, rates are going up and more risks are being refused.

You need to "look your best" - with practical and effective loss prevention plans - so your broker can effectively present you as a superior risk. This improved risk profile can mean big savings.

As an independent consulting firm, we do NOT represent any insurance broker or company, and we do NOT sell insurance.