What Our Clients Say

“When starting a new long-term residential construction project for Classic Communities, we were faced with a significant surprise: our previous specialty insurer quoted a very high premium, and we got another very competitive quote from another broker and insurance company.

We had no experience with these new players, and were concerned about their reputation, their experience in this special coverage, and the breadth of policy coverage provided.

Another division of our company had used RiskSmart Solutions® for another project, and we felt Charles Wilson was our first and best choice.

Charles jumped in quickly – we had a tight timeline – and started his research with the new broker, the new insurer, and other experts in this industry. He was able to compare coverage, obtain credentials, and get important improvements in both coverage and limits. We soon had his recommendation that we could confidently make the change. We got great, pro-active help from the new broker in setting up the account and making sure all was in order. And the savings were significant.

It was a real relief to have a specialist second set of eyes working on our team to make this happen. I would recommend Charles and RiskSmart Solutions® to anyone needing to demystify their insurance and protection program.”

Adam Kates, Executive Vice President, Classic Communities Inc.

Charles, I wanted to again say thank you so much for the excellent work you did on our behalf.

You did an excellent house plan and provided a thumb drive for us that represents a great deal of effort.  We are happy with our new broker, finding him responsive, knowledgeable, and more — such as recommending heat detectors, which are now installed.

And, you quickly spotted that we had duplicated parts of our homeowners and business insurance.  Removing the unnecessary portion from one of the policies immediately saved us money!

Really, really appreciated!”

Carol H, homeowner and business owner

“Our commercial insurance policy was renewing and the management decided to have our policies reviewed by an outside consultant.

We were fortunate to get a referral to RiskSmart Solutions and Charles Wilson. Charles is an expert in the insurance field and does not sell insurance.

When we had our initial meeting Charles was prepared and gained an understanding of our business.

His review included:

  • Analysis of our policies (including our DIC policies)
  • Working closely with our broker to propose several significant areas of improvement, including changes in the policies and endorsements.
  • He “translated” various terms and conditions for the company, visited some of our properties, and prepared a comprehensive report with explanations and recommendations.
  • He attended several planning and renewal meetings to make sure we had the information we needed to make the best and most appropriate decisions.
  • And he clarified the questions we had regarding our umbrella coverage.

Today we are more confident about our protection program, our insurance broker, and the value we are getting for our premium investment.

I would recommend RiskSmart Solutions and Charles Wilson to companies needing “demystification” of their risk and insurance questions and concerns.”

JMike Emrick, CFO 
Mozart Development Company

…  “Charles, You are truly a mensch!

And a beacon of light in the darkness. Thank you for rescuing me once again.

PS – Every time I visit your web site I learn something new. It’s really informative and friendly.”

Joanne Gainen, Ph.D., Owner and Principal 
Gainen Surveys LLC

…  “Charles put a different spin on risk management and gave our CPA firm a new way to look at insurance vs. risk.

His engaging presentation educated our firm in what we should be looking for and questions to ask our clients regarding their risk management policies and how insurance fits into the equation.

I would highly recommend Charles to talk to other professionals about risk management and insurance advice.”

Howard Zangwell, Stockholder
RINA Accountancy Corporation

“Thank you for working with me and The Redwoods to put our contract for broker services out to bid this past spring.

For a variety of reasons our timeline was tight but your ability to hit the ground running and the contribution of your considerable expertise, focused effort and organization allowed us to complete an RFP process that was fair, thoughtful, educational and successful for The Redwoods and the participating brokers.

I will not hesitate to contact you again when we need consulting expertise on insurance and/or risk management issues and will not hesitate to recommend you to others looking for the same!”

Cynthia Neumann, Chief Financial Officer
The Redwoods

“Thank you for your insight and guidance in assessing our various insurance needs.

Not only did we end up with better coverage suited to our situation, but we saved money! And we got to work with a known friend – very reassuring.”

Shanna O’Hare

“Charles Wilson is a focused pro who is the ultimate “go-to guy” when you need someone on your side. He understands insurance people, can get into their heads, and offer clear and understandable advice for those of us who are far-less initiated.

Not long after meeting Charles, I suffered a major fire loss and was about to get run over by an Adjuster’s tactics. Charles advice put me back in the driver’s seat. A few years later, without any warning, I asked Charles to review the contract language and the liability insurance policy offered by a movie company seeking to use my property for a film. In all my business years I did not have the experience to decipher the offer. Charles did: once again I learned what I must do.

It is with pleasure that I recommend consulting Charles when trying to understand your risks and tackle your insurance issues.”

John J. Tracy, Jr., CMC FIMC
Tracy-Hayden Associates, Inc.

“Thanks for making my life easier and helping make sure I’m protected.”

Steve Hipp, President 
Simonds Machinery Company

“We initially engaged RiskSmart Solutions® when our Board of Directors requested an independent review of our insurance coverages. The objective was to determine if we had unidentified exposures or coverage gaps in this complex and expensive area of concern.

RiskSmart Solutions® produced a thorough analysis that raised several areas of risk and coverage needing our attention and that of our broker. We were impressed with their subject matter expertise. From a customer service perspective, they listened to our feedback and were willing to substantially reorganize the presentation of the final report to meet our Board’s expectations.

A few months later, we came back to RiskSmart Solutions® to help us with an insurance broker selection process. Again, they listened carefully to our needs and helped us design a very professional process. They participated as part of our team throughout the process, resulting in a better outcome than we would have achieved on our own.

Overall, we are very satisfied with the work RiskSmart Solutions® performed for us on these projects. Their expertise allowed me to use my time more effectively, and we would use RiskSmart Solutions® again if we have similar needs in the future.”

Chris Schofield, CFO
ThermaSource, Inc.

“I heard Charles Wilson speak at an industry conference. During his presentation, Charles said it could cost a company $250,000 if it were involved in an employment law suit but when he added “and that’s if you win” I knew I needed to learn more about the potential risks and gaps that I may have in my insurance coverage.

I engaged Charles to review all of my insurance lines. The overview he provided was extensive, detailed and well worth the fee. In addition Charles reviewed other areas of my business where there was potential risk to my company and to my personal exposure. These areas included: wording of leases, computer security, and information storage.

I have made some significant changes to my insurance coverage, operations and subsequently I sleep better at night. Engaging RiskSmart Solutions’ services was one of my best business decisions.”

Larry Groipen, President 
ERC Wiping Products Inc.

“As the owner of an investment management, financial planning, and life coaching firm for the past 19 years, business insurance was a disturbing mystery to me until I began working with Charles Wilson two years ago. I knew how important it was to appropriately manage our risk exposure, but until Charles, I never found anyone who could help me with an overall strategy and insurance plan. Charles not only brought us miles ahead of where we were, he also helped to implement the plan, find the most appropriate and professional brokers, and he helps manage our annual renewal process.

I now know that our insurance coverage is what it should be. Charles is a good teacher and consultant for me. My work with Charles has brought peace of mind. We feel a sense of security knowing that our business which we have so effectively developed over the years is protected by proper risk assessment and coverage.

I certainly recommend RiskSmart Solutions to other firms and invite any questions should you wish to contact me.”

James F. Bell, CFP®, President and Founder
Bell Investment Advisors Inc.

“I couldn’t be more pleased with Charles Wilson and RiskSmart Solutions®. Charles guided us through a complex and time-consuming broker selection process. He was detailed, objective and professional throughout; and the results exceeded my expectations.

Following the appointment of our new broker, Charles was still there for us – managing all the details of the transition, and making sure everything was handled quickly and correctly.

Proper insurance coverage is so essential to a business like ours, but it can be such a complex, confusing subject. Fortunately, Charles helps make it simple and easier to understand. I couldn’t ask for anything more.”

Vernon Boyett, CEO
Boyett Construction, Inc.

“Recently I was talking to one of my clients who I referred to you about her need for a consultant with a different area of expertise. She was describing how she felt vulnerable, didn’t even know what she didn’t know, and after some bad experiences is practically desperate for help she can trust and rely on. Then she said what she really needed was a consultant like Charles Wilson. Someone who could just come in, explain it all to her, and then resolve it or refer her to someone really great who could resolve it for her.

You are the gold standard, Charles. It’s a very impressive recommendation. Congratulations.”

Lorre Zuppan, Management Consultant
branes, LLC | www.branes.com

“Charles’s approach is unique in my experience. First off, he doesn’t sell insurance so I know the advice I’m getting is objective. Second, he blends ‘big picture’ consulting with a laser focus on the details – especially implementation. It was exactly what I was looking for.

His industry knowledge is comprehensive and current, and his recommendations are practical and straight-forward. I can implement them without losing my shirt.”

Michael LeValley, Principal
Live Oak Design Group

“The risk and insurance management services provided by Charles Wilson and RiskSmart Solutions® have been invaluable to our organization. Since he wasn’t trying to sell us anything, I felt confident in getting rid of unneeded insurance and buying more in several areas where it was more important. We were able to increase our coverage while decreasing our premiums, and he helped us identify a new broker I can trust.

I would highly recommend Charles’ services to any company considering them: in a very short time they will pay for themselves, and right away you’ll sleep easier at night.”

Donna Milgram, Executive Director
Institute for Women in Trades, Technology & Science

“I knew I needed professional advice and wanted someone objective. RiskSmart Solutions® was perfect for us. Because Charles wasn’t selling anything, I felt much more comfortable following his recommendations. His Initial Review service gave us far more than just advice about our insurance policies. Charles helped us with a complete plan for getting the right coverages as well as the things we could do today to protect ourselves from common losses. It was well worth the price.”

Edmund Ashburner, CEO
Java Bear Collectibles & Antiques

“As a small business person, I have dealt with numerous insurance agents and brokers. When I reached the point that I needed expert advice, I didn’t know where to go. Charles Wilson was the answer for me. I feel that Charles made it possible for me to feel confident that I had the proper insurance coverages placed with the right broker. He anticipated what my needs were and essentially went above and beyond my expectations. I would highly recommend him as a thoughtful, well informed and very accomplished insurance advisor and consultant.”

Tricia Collins-Levi, General Manager
The Glass Man

“Insurance used to be a lot easier. Now it’s much more complex, and the average business owner can’t afford to spend the time necessary to fully understand it all.

Charles does understand it and speaks the language. He knows the appropriate questions to ask, what’s an acceptable answer, and what’s reasonable to expect from a broker to protect our business. He assisted us in accomplishing things we never could have done on our own: changing broker fee arrangements, implementing a bonus plan for excellent service, demonstrating the value of increased self insurance, reviewing premium audits, and in certain circumstances saving us substantial costs.

Insurance has become such a big ticket item in our expense ratio that I am delighted to have Charles on our side.”

Carla Q. Blick, VP Finance & Administration
Lemore Transportation Inc. – Royal Trucking

“Before I met Charles Wilson, I was uneasy about the risks involved in starting my own business after 20 years in corporate environments. I didn’t want to put my family’s welfare in jeopardy… there were a lot of unknowns. I knew I needed to get my insurance protections right and didn’t have the time or expertise to do it myself.

When I was introduced to Charles, his qualifications, personal integrity and objectivity gave me great peace of mind and a comfortable path for achieving my objectives. Charles helped clarify my key risks and insurance needs and then guided me through the minefield of applications and choices. I am relieved to understand my needs and be protected. Charles’ help was invaluable.

David Epstein, President
Strategic Ally, Inc.

“With Charles’ exceptional help I was able to save 4 times my investment in his services! Where else can you get a 400% ROI?

Not only did he help me save time and money, he gave me an education and the confidence to handle most of my insurances myself. As a small business owner, that’s tremendous peace of mind.

Charles’ communication skills are excellent, and his follow through is on par with Tiger Woods on a good day!

Bill Essert, President
Wooden Window, Inc.

“Charles provided an invaluable service that I had not foreseen. He educated me on the proper procedures and language that I should use in my contract discussions with clients so that I always stay within the boundaries of my insurance coverage.

Charles was incredibly responsive, informative and attentive to my needs. He went that proverbial extra mile for me, and in the process, I was very informed when I had that first conversation with the underwriter.

I highly recommend the counsel of Charles Wilson for any small to medium sized business that has to navigate the often-uncharted waters of insurance as it applies to their particular businesses.

Julia A. Glenister, Principal
JAG Wire Group

“Whenever I have an insurance question, I rely on Charles. During a protracted claim settlement process, he was always available to explain the often-confusing processes I encountered. He provided valuable perspective and much-needed reassurance during a difficult period.

In recent negotiations with a client, he outlined the issues and referred me to a very knowledgeable and helpful agent – and assured me he receives no “kick-backs”! Together, they gave me the information and guidance I needed to avoid unnecessary costs while ensuring that the client’s risk management requirements were met.

For a professional services business making decisions in the complex realm of insurance, it’s a tremendous asset to be able to turn to a caring, expert advisor for help in balancing the risk management equation.”

Joanne Gainen, Phd, President 
Gainen Surveys

“I was so impressed with Charles’ manner and knowledge that I brought him on board with a non-profit client of mine who really needed a thorough assessment of their risk and how to manage it through insurance and other tactics. His follow-up is impeccable; his ability to deal with difficult people (yes, the client can be difficult!) is tremendous. He is tactful, knowledgeable and friendly, and willingly goes the extra mile for clients. His high ethical standards are such that he religiously guards against potential conflicts of interest.

As you can see, I think very highly of Charles and believe that there are many businesses that can benefit from his expertise.”

Kate Sandman, President
kate sandman inc.

“In today’s world of heightened risk, I was concerned about our insurance coverages. As a consultant and small business owner, I know these protections are critical.

Charles Wilson’s review was both concise and comprehensive, and he followed up to make sure I completely understood his report and analysis!

•  He spoke directly with my broker to get important clarifications.
•  He explained my coverages in plain English and recommended some important changes I needed to make.
•  He also provided several practical risk management techniques I can follow to prevent losses and possible disaster in the future.

RiskSmart Solutions provided a valuable service to me and my business. And I especially appreciated the un-biased, no-nonsense approach.”

Bob French, Managing Partner
Competitive Advantage Group

“When I first spoke with Charles Wilson at RiskSmart Solutions and heard him describe the services he provides, I quickly made a decision to engage him. It proved to be a very good decision. I know of no other firm that helps the small business executive in such a comprehensive way. In my experience, even the best insurance brokers don’t go beyond the traditional insurable risks facing a business in today’s complex world. RiskSmart Solutions did.

Charles worked to really understand my business through discussions with employees, vendors, business partners, and customers. He analyzed all contracts identifying areas that need attention – or gaps that need to be closed. He then aided me in selecting the right insurance broker for my particular needs – and securing the coverages that I need. For those areas not covered by insurance, for the first time I understand what they are and am putting plans in place to make my business less vulnerable to the unknown.

Given the complexities facing small business today, I simply can’t give a stronger recommendation for engaging RiskSmart Solutions.”

Stephen Berg, President
H3R, Inc.

“I was skeptical at first about the value of a Risk and Insurance Review, because I had been in business for over 15 years with few problems.

Charles Wilson at RiskSmart Solutions brought some real “eye-openers” to my attention. His comprehensive Review first identified our most important business risks, then made practical recommendations and finally helped us implement workable solutions. In addition, Charles helped us ensure our soon-to-be new office premises would be safe, our equipment well protected, and our lease clauses about tenant’s improvements clear. He recommended important changes to correctly coordinate my personal and commercial coverages. And he created Service Expectations and helped communicate them to our insurance broker.

The professional advice we received from RiskSmart Solutions was unique and invaluable. I am now much more comfortable understanding the risks that could impact my firm, the best ways to manage these risks, and the risk financing options in addition to insurance. I am convinced all small business owners would benefit from this service.”

Robert W. Caldwell, President
RW Caldwell Associates, Inc. / Career Partners International

What’s Next?

Learn more about Charles Wilson on the About page.

“Charles’s report was outstanding. Instead of just focusing on my policies, he advised on everything from acquiring replacement equipment in an emergency to negotiating contingent liability language into our contracts.
He really knows the industry, is broker-friendly and has extraordinary follow-up. I’d recommend him highly to anyone with risk or insurance questions.”

Dan Baker, CEO
Poly Seal Industries