White Papers

A collection of practical guides for solving real-world business problems and simplifying your life.

Contracts and Negotiation 101: What you don’t know can hurt you!

by Sandra J. Shepard, Esq., Good Solutions, Inc.
A readable and very useful discussion of key FAQs and the minefields to avoid in managing business contract risk.
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Business Succession Planning: A Short Course

by John Latta
An in-depth discussion of business succession planning for both ownership and management – two different areas requiring different plans.
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Risk Management Through Contracts and Insurance: A Primer

by Robert K. Buchanan, Jr. and Charles T. Wilson
A white paper presenting a general treatment of Contract Law and the insurance implications of contracts for small businesses.
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How To Get the Best

by Charles T. Wilson
A guide from RiskSmart Solutions® to help you make sure you have the right broker and service, the best coverage and price, and the lowest risk.
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How to Hire a Management Consultant and Get the Results You Expect

Institute of Management Consultants USA, Inc.
If you have or know an organization that would benefit from a brief presentation or workshop on this topic, please let me know.
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Open for Businesssm: A Disaster Planning Toolkit
for the Small to Mid-Sized Business Owner

Institute for Business & Home Safety
“Disasters that threaten a business can happen anywhere at any time. By following the recommendations in this kit, you can improve the chances that your business will avoid closure. You will also improve your chances of staying in business should the worst happen.”
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Seven Black Holes

by Charles T. Wilson
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