Why Is Risk Management Advice
So Important?

Did you know? – Companies of all sizes are increasingly exposed to losses, lawsuits and potentially huge defense costs. These expenses can significantly impact your bottom line and ability to continue or expand operations.

Recent surveys on small business failures have confirmed 43% of companies suffering a “disaster” never re-open, and another 28% fail within 3 years. A “disaster” can be any significant financial or accidental loss situation.

Crisis management and business continuation plans are not a luxury. They are a must to protect everything you have built for your business.

Do you fit the profile of our clients?

  • Growing, dynamic, successful firms without the time and special expertise to effectively plan for managing and controlling risks.
  • Businesses coping with change and relentless competition that can’t afford to miss a beat in customer service.
  • Individuals and firms that put their professional reputations on the line every day – offering professional advice and consulting services to others.

It’s a major challenge to select qualified and financially sound insurance companies and brokers that understand your business, truly protect your interests and handle your claims efficiently when you most need the funds to carry on your business.

At any time in the insurance market’s cycles, rates for your industry or location can go up, and you risk being refused. You need to “look your best”, with practical and effective loss prevention plans, so your broker can effectively present you as a superior risk. This improved risk profile can mean better rates and broader coverage.

Risk and insurance are complex subjects and can be puzzling to business owners. Yet, properly managing risks and securing adequate insurance protection are the best ways to safeguard your assets and reputation from losses and lawsuits.

What’s Next?

Visit our How We Work page to understand about our unique approach to risk-assessment.

“I was so impressed with Charles’ manner and knowledge that I brought him on board with a non-profit client of mine who really needed a thorough assessment of their risk and how to manage it through insurance and other tactics.
He is knowledgeable, tactful, and friendly, and willingly goes the extra mile for clients. His high ethical standards are such that he religiously guards against potential conflicts of interest.”

Kate Sandman, President
kate sandman inc.