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The Beacon of Security & Protection for Your Business

The RiskSmart difference … is in our thorough, personalized attention to your firm and industry.

We listen to you, learn your business model and don't think we know more than our clients. Together we'll identify needs, set goals and create practical, achievable plans.

We're objective and impartial. We sell advice, not insurance.

I know of no other firm that helps the small business executive in such a comprehensive way. In my experience, even the best insurance brokers don't go beyond the traditional insurable risks facing a business in today's complex world. RiskSmart Solutions did.

Stephen Berg, President
H3R, Inc.
We're committed to giving you the street smarts you need to be a resilient, successful business in today's complex, competitive and litigious world. You'll have the loss prevention and contingency plans to ensure you have a superior risk profile. You'll be protecting your customers and business partners. Your reputation will be secure.

Our Mission is to help you protect your assets, mitigate your liabilities and preserve your reputation. We are committed to creating risk management solutions that really work and that you can implement starting tomorrow.

Our Lighthouse logo symbolizes a beacon of protection to keep your business safe, on course and off the rocks.