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A Risk Assessment & Management Workshop

For small and mid-size business owners and managers, and the clients of Financial Planning, Legal, Accounting and Management Consulting Firms

Avoiding Disaster and other Nasty Surprises!

There are many types of risk - strategic, natural, financial - and they all need to be effectively managed for success, and even survival, in today's competitive business marketplace.

Business owners and their advisors have the ultimate responsibility for managing risk. They must understand and plan for the potential downsides of their plans - strategies, new products, expansion, acquisitions.

Risk Examples

Professional Liability
Product Defect/ Recall
Design Error
Libel or Slander
Employee Theft
Fire, Flood, Earthquake
Discrimination/ Privacy
Insurance Coverage Gaps
Key Supplier Bankruptcy
Lost Partners/ Employees
Loss of Reputation
Lawsuits & Legal Fees
Computer Data Loss
Copyright Infringement
Directors & Officers
Contracts & Leases
Crisis Management
Intellectual Property
Fiduciary Liability
Web Content Liability

[Note: This is a partial list]

A balanced approach comparing the Costs of Risk with the Benefits of Opportunities is the best way to make prudent management choices.

What is your appetite for risk? How much should you take? How vulnerable are you? What actions do you need to take to balance the costs and benefits? How can you integrate risk management into your regular planning cycle?

Think there's no real problem?

Do you think you're not dealing with a particularly "risky" business?

Consider how easy it is for a defective product or a design error to result in a lawsuit.
Who's not vulnerable?

Calculate the potentially devastating costs of lawsuits, defense costs, fines and penalties.

And don't forget the indirect costs of management distraction from the "real" business; plus downtime, lost customers, partners or markets, damaged reputations, and critical gaps in insurance coverage.

What's the Solution?

A RISK ASSESSMENT AND MANAGEMENT WORKSHOP can bring you up to speed in this vital area. Learn how to assess risks, create prevention plans, and make effective financing choices.

What are the benefits?

You will understand the basic concepts of risk, the key elements of planning for loss mitigation and minimization, and the options for risk financing.

You will evaluate the right, affordable balance between your opportunities and the costs of risk.

You will take away a self-diagnosis questionnaire on risk assessment

Who should attend?

Business owners and managers with decision-making responsibilities, and their professional advisors - lawyers, accountants, financial planners and consultants.

Workshop Format

Case studies

Q & A

Discussion about your real-world situation

Take Action Now! Contact Us for more information, to schedule a workshop or discuss tailoring a seminar for your organization or your clients' particular needs.