Workshops and Presentations

Protecting What You’ve Built

Small businesses are particularly vulnerable to at least four “black holes.” RiskSmart Solutions® can help you discover how to assess and control ~

  1. The pitfalls in your HR policies and practices
  2. The blunders hiding in your contracts
  3. The minefields surrounding your information technology
  4. The hidden gaps and overlaps in your insurance protections

Tricks and Techniques

You’ll want to learn how larger firms make sure they don’t get blindsided, and how they protect their reputations and everything they’ve built.

You’ll get solid, objective advice because RiskSmart Solutions® does not sell insurance.

Customized Workshops and Presentations

Charles offers a wide variety of customized keynotes, and interactive workshops and presentations.

All are carefully designed to educate and inform CEOs, CFOs, Business Owners, Partners, Directors, Trade Associations, Management Consultants, and anyone interested in getting the best insurance coverage, service, and value with the least risk.

Some examples of popular topics include ~

Buy the Best Insurance Program – Avoid Hassle and Save Money with a Proven 6-Step Process
It’s a risky world!  You have six basic steps to ensuring you have the best protection program.  Discover how you can ~

  1. Select he right Broker
  2. Negotiate the right Service
  3. Identify key Risks
  4. Understand the Impacts
  5. Create effective Prevention plans
  6. Get the best value from insurance

Understand and Avoid the Blunders in Your Contracts
Contractual agreements take precedence over normal negligence every day in court.  Understand the key elements to protect yourself.  Make sure you are clear and fair.  Get the right professional advice every time.

The Legal Quagmire of Employment Practices Liability
Employees and their attorneys are much more knowledgeable and ready to pursue what they think are their rights.  Your Employee Handbooks is one example of what can be a minefield if not carefully designed and followed.  Learn how to create the fine balance between rules and flexibility.

Contingency Planning: An ‘Everyday’ Disaster Plan for Survival
We can’t prevent everything that can go wrong.  Organizations with plans to quickly get back up and running and not miss a beat with communications have a significantly better chance of survival.  Effective plans can be simple and quickly apply to a wide variety of natural and man-made problems.

Charles T. Wilson ~ Risk Management Consultant and Founder of RiskSmart Solutions®

Charles inspires executives to take charge of their organization’s protection with his unique and objective insights into business risk assessment, problem solving, crisis management and insurance.

“I’ve been on both sides – I know the insurance industry thought-process, and the vital business need for practical, effective solutions.”

RiskSmart Solutions® is independent and does not sell insurance.

“You have a winning formula with your presentations: solid information, great interactivity, and an engaging style. Thanks for a fantastic workshop for my clients.”

Jon Seidel,
Certified Management Consultant and TAB Facilitator